John Toohey Chambers

Barristers practising from John Toohey Chambers are members of the Western Australian Bar Association. As a condition of their membership of chambers each undertakes to observe and maintain a standard of conduct to be worthy of membership of a set of Chambers named in honour of the Honourable John Toohey and practice in accordance with the principles declared by Australian Bar Association in 1993 in the Charter of Australian Independent Bars.


John Toohey Chambers was established in November 2002.  Chambers are situated on Level 3, 37 St Georges Terrace Perth.

The online directory provides solicitors with an easy reference to the areas of practice, experience and qualifications of the members of John Toohey Chambers. There are also useful tips on briefing barristers including how to prepare a brief, marking counsel fees and helpful links to other sites including daily Court lists, legal resources etc.

For more information about briefing members, the services and facilities available please contact us.